JMac Investing is a place for common people who are seeking to become investors or who are already investors who are seeking to grow their portfolio, learn about growing their portfolios, and growing dividends. I cover individual stocks, ETF’s, and market analysis and also share my dividend portfolio with all of you to gain insight into it’s performance and to share ideas and discussions.

I also have been diving deep into SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) investing ever since I invested into VectoIQ which merged with Nikola Motors. So my channel and blog will also have a good deal of coverage on this aspect of the stock market as well.

I am just a normal guy, who got serious about investing and financial freedom in early 2019. I am a software engineer, have a beautiful wife that I have been married to for nearly 15 years, and we have two beautiful daughters together.

What is Dividend Growth Investing?

Dividend Growth Investing, sometimes abbreviated DGI, is a strategy of investing where the main focus is investing in companies that year after year raise the amount of dividends paid back to shareholders (you and me). This has a tremendous compounding effect and make it one of the most profitable investing approaches there is. If you have more questions about getting started investing, or maybe you’re not even sure what dividends are, head over to the Investor FAQ page for more info!

My Focus

  • Investing in high quality Companies that will endure the ups and downs of an ever changing economic climate.
  • SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies)
  • Dividend Growth Investing sometimes abbreviated as DGI, is the the style of investing that dominates my portfolio(s)
  • Helping others build wealth and financial freedom through staying engaged in actively managed portfolios.
  • You and I are our own Financial Advisors, this takes effort and focus.
  • I also focus quite of bit of energy on tracking high quality REIT’s; which is a bit difficult as information on these companies is not easily available without effort.

Investing Platforms

  • I am a huge fan of these newer platforms that do not have commission fees
  • M1 Finance is my current favorite platform as it offers the ability to purchase fractional shares, has no commission fees, and has many different account types.
  • I also still have a couple accounts open with Fidelity, and they are pushing the envelope trying to keep up as they offer many ETF’s with no commission fees.
  • I also have an active Robinhood account that I occasionally trade options on, that is the only reason I keep that account open.
  • I have recently been experimenting with a couple newer platforms, Webull, Public, and Moomoo which are very intriguing with unique features and zero commissions as well, stay tuned as I review these platforms on YouTube and here on the blog.

YouTube Channel

  • My YouTube Channel is the primary source for content delivery, as I enjoy the community and the platform it provides to share information
  • I do in depth analysis of individual stocks, sometimes of lesser known companies and REIT’s since they many times get little to no coverage.
  • I also cover SPACs.
  • I also cover monthly stock and ETF picks that are usually correlated to what I’m buying from month to month
  • Another big part of my YouTube channel is my Portfolio Updates, where I share my holdings and moves with all of you.
  • Feel free to go visit it here!

Let’s build something together.


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