All of my video content library can be found over on my JMac Investing YouTube channel. Below all my channel playlists are linked, enjoy!

JSPAC Investing (SPAC Playlist)

This playlist is dedicated to looking at all things SPACs from individual SPAC companies to SPAC related topics!

Buying the Blue Chips

This playlist is dedicated to looking at Blue Chip companies in different sectors. Many dividend investors get caught up trying to chase high yielding stocks that many times are high yielding for good reason. My hope with this series is to dive into each sector eventually to examine some of the best of the best.

Youtube Collaborations

These are YouTube video collaborations I have done with other content creators.

Monthly Dividend Updates

This is a series where I track my dividends each month, and provide an update of how much I earned from the previous month in dividends!

Weekly Portfolio Updates

This is a series where I track the buys/sells/dividends paid in all of my portfolios at the end of the week, giving a recap and insights into my investments!

YouTube Live Streams

This playlist has all of the YouTube Live Streams I have done on my channel, including the weekly “Stock Screening Live” videos.

SWAN Stocks

This playlist is a video series of S.W.A.N (Sleep Well At Night) stocks.

Individual Stock Analysis

This playlist is in depth stock analysis of individual companies

Investing in Stocks 101

This playlist getting into the basics, and is good for beginning and newere investors to begin to learn the terminology and get better understanding of how to get started.

Dividend Lists

This playlist is videos I’ve made covering the dividend lists ex: Dividend Kings.


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